Badlands of New Mexico Unlimited


Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah, Bisti, Valley of Dreams, Angel Badlands, etc...

April 20 - April 24 of 2018.

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Badlands of New Mexico Unlimited — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Location - San Juan Badlands Basin, North-West of New Mexico

Dates: April 20 - 24, 2018

Tuition - $1250 per participant (limit: 7 participants)

Instructor: Alex Mironyuk


This 5 day workshop may be in the most unusual and weird destination the world has to offer: in the North-West of New Mexico at San Juan Badlands Basin you can find at least 10 major badlands areas with absolutely unusual rock formations. If you want to know how other planets may look- this is the place that you’ll want to visit!

You will get a chance to photograph the San Juan Badlands Basin like you have never seen it before. I will lead you to photograph my favorite places all around the entire badlands desert.

This workshop is designed to master your photography skills and also to boost your creative process. This entire workshop is hands on and I will be with you every step of the way covering composition, camera settings, chasing the light, night time photography, focus stacking, panorama shooting and much more.

Badlands of New Mexico Unlimited — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Workshops highlights: We will see: world famous Bisti Wilderness Badlands, Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study Area, Valley of Dreams Badlands. Those places are unique photo-destinations where you have to have your camera ready 24/7 to capture different hoodoos, mounds, petrified woods, etc. We will perform a couple of overnight hikes to see and photograph beautiful hoodoos and mounds not just at “golden hours” but at night with the Milky Way over our heads. You will be guided by yours truly and my team.

Physical Difficulty: Moderate to strength. This Workshop Involves every day hikes over sandstone and through clay in some locations. The longest hike is a 7-8 miles in the Bisti Wilderness and featuring anywhere from 0 - 75 ft of elevation gain

Fitness Level: Like any outdoor nature photography workshop, a reasonable degree of fitness is ideal. We will not be engaging in any strenuous physical activity.

Transportation:  The closest major airport is Albuquerque, NM, where you can rent a car. We strongly suggest you rent reasonably high clearance, and AWD/4WD are a MUST. Driving conditions will consist of paved and unpaved roads. When possible we prefer that participants carpool with each other to help limit our impact and get to know each other.

Lodging: I recommend you camp all nights at the shooting locations and sleep in backcountry camping (I’ll provide camping tents). In that case we can perform night shootings to capture the Milky Way over the badlands and learn some of the light painting techniques. Otherwise you can stay at a hotel in Farmington, NM and every morning come back to us for a sunrise shooting. But be prepared to spend about 1-1.5 hour driving time one way.

If the weather will not cooperate - all of us will stay at a hotel. It’s not necessary to book your hotel in advance due to the fact that Farmington is beside all of the major tourists routes and you can always find a last minute deal.