Summer in Oregon and Palouse

All-Inclusive Workshop “Oregon and Unlimited Palouse”

Oregon's Shore, Columbia River Gorge, Rolling Hills of Palouse.

June 23 - 29 of 2019

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Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Locations in Oregon: Portland, Cannon Beach, Mt. Hood, Columbia River Gorge

Locations in Washington: Palouse Falls, Palouse

Dates: June 23 - 29 of 2019

Tuition: $1950 - 2500* per participant (limit: 7 participants). To find out more - check out our Terms and Conditions. 

InstructorAlex Mironyuk

Deposit$600 (payments accepted for the remainder of the balance)

Workshop Highlights

During our workshop we will try to see the most beautiful of nature's wonders in Oregon and Washington State.  The huge ocean waves crashing onto the rocky shore and photogenic tide-pools with a sea of stars wait for us!  We are going to the world-famous Columbia River Gorge with countless huge waterfalls. We will capture the reflection of snow covered mountains in the mirror-like water of the mountain's lake .  The whole 3 days will be spent at the most rewarding photo-destination - Palouse, taking pictures of it's colorful rolling hills covered with wheat, raps, canola, etc. by farmers. Sometimes Palouse can be compared to the Italian Toscana. Why do we need to fly to Italy if we have a much better place here in the US!   

You will get a chance to photograph the area like you have never seen it before. I will lead you to photograph my favorite places all around the two states.

This all-inclusive workshop is designed to master your photography skills and to also boost your creative process. This entire workshop is hands on and I will be with you every step of the way covering composition, camera settings, chasing the light, and much more.

Physical Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. This Workshop Involves some hikes at Columbia River Gorge and at the Mt. Hood area. The longest hike is a 5 miles with some elevation gain

Fitness Level: Like any outdoor nature photography workshop, a reasonable degree of fitness is ideal. We will not be engaging in any strenuous physical activity.

Simple hotels lodging is included in the workshop's tuition (2 people per room).

No level of experience is necessary for participants of this workshop. Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned pro, we are happy to help you move forward with your photography. 

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography


Day 1

June 23, Sunday

Our group will meet at the Portland International Airport  around 12 PM where you can meet everyone and get to know each other. After that we are going toward the Pacific Ocean. Our first destination is the small town of Cannon Beach. Our first sunset will be spent on a beach with a huge sea stack, literally at the center of this town.

Obviously while we are on the ocean shore we are going to some seafood place to have our first workshop dinner where we can get to know everyone. 

Hotel in a Cannon Beach area

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 2

June 24, Monday

In the morning we are going to the highest point at Ecola State Park, to capture an amazing panorama of the shore line, beach and sea stacks. After breakfast we will slowly drive south along of the coastal line. We will stop by at many locations such as  Cape Meares,  Cape Lookout and Cape Kiwanda.

In the afternoon we will leave the shore and will drive toward the mountains to get our sunset photo-session. 

Hotel at Government Camp, OR

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 3

June 25, Tuesday

That morning we will again spend some time at Oregon's Mountains.  

Close to noon we are going to the Columbia River Gorge area. That place is a hub of world-famous waterfalls we will choose at least two of them to visit that day.  

While we are in Oregon we can't miss one of the most important highlights - some of the best breweries in the world. So that evening we will go to one of them to try various amber drinks. 

Hotel in Columbia River Gorge area

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 4

June 26, Wednesday

In the morning we will continue taking pictures of waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. In the afternoon we will go toward the eastern part of Washington State. First of all we are going to Palouse Falls. While you are driving pretty close to the falls, you can't even imagine that a river is nearby. The road leads us to our destination through the dry desert and you can't even feel the proximity of the falls until you can physically see it. This is our breathtaking sunset location.

After the sunset at night we will drive to our hotel. 

Hotel at Colfax, WA

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography
Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 5

June 27, Thursday

We will spend all day shooting countless pastoral landscapes of the Palouse. Here on huge rolling hills there’s an immense variation of agriculture. Every June this place turns into a real photographer's paradise when all of those plants are growing and the hills have an assortment of different colors. Even if we are talking about just green you will see a variety of different shades of just that color.

Often Palouse can be compared to the Italian Toscana. But Palouse is much bigger, has a greater variety of landscapes, and presents itself with immense beauty. Also Palouse has two huge hills that rise about 500 feet above the other hills, so you can take pictures of the Palouse abstract landscape patterns from your tripod as a drone would!    

Everywhere in Palouse you can see a farms, barns, single trees, etc. So this is the place that allows you to wake up your creativity and boost your photography skills. You don't need to copy someone's picture - you can create your own!

And at the end of June we can see on the fields some agricultural machines which can be our photo-object in an abstract landscape surrounding.

We’re going to spend about 2.5 days in that amazingly beautiful area. 

Hotel at Colfax, WA

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 6

June 28, Friday

The whole day from dawn till dusk we will spend on those amazing green and yellow rolling hills. But we’ll find some time for rest in our hotel during the day as well as spend some time discussing our photos that we took before.

Hotel at Colfax, WA

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 7

June 29, Saturday

During the sunrise we will again we again be in the middle of Palouse's green sea. During the first morning hours we will take pictures of farms, barns, hills, and old car junk yards. Close to noon we will start to drive toward Portland, where after dinner our workshop will be officially over.  

Summer in Oregon and Palouse — Alex Mironyuk Photography