Nature Photography Trip to American Southwest
April, 7 - 19 of 2018

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Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography


Day 1

April 7, Saturday

Las Vegas is a starting point of our trip, from which we go to Little Finland, also known as Hobgoblins Playground, a rarely visited remote place with fantastic rocks in the middle of the maze of Nevada Desert canyons. After a day in the wonderland Little Finland red rocks, we cross the state border to spend our first night in Utah.

Night: Hurricane, UT (hotel)

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 2

April 8, Sunday

Today we have a day-long hike to the Narrows, a beautiful slot canyon accessible only by foot. Hiking up the river bed, knee-deep in the water (or sometimes even deeper), we will find breathtaking canyon views: purple, red, and yellow rocks washed by the crystal blue river water.  

The trail is approximately 2 - 2,5 miles long (one way). However, if the group chooses to wrap it up, we can stop and return to the parking lot right away.

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Dry suits, neoprene socks, and waterproof shoes are provided.

Sunset location: bridge across Virgin River.

Night: Kanab, UT (hotel)

Day 3

April 9, Monday

We will spend the following 3 days in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, one of the most amazing places on the planet. Located in the most northern corner of Arizona, this national monument has no paved roads, visitor centers, nor drinking water sources. National Park Service keeps this land as pristine and wild as it was thousands of years ago. The Wave, White Pocket, Buckskin Gulch Canyon, and South Coyotes are just a few of famous natural wonders of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.

Most of these unique locations require a special permit to visit, so early in the morning we will visit Bureau of Land Management Office to get our permits. In the afternoon we will visit the most beautiful part of Buckskin Gulch (Vermilion Cliffs National Monument) which will require hiking for 2,5 - 3 miles.

Night: camping in the park

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 4

April 10, Tuesday

We will spend the day photographing various locations in Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. Be prepared to hike over 10 miles on sand, rocks, and slopes.

Night: camping in the park

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 5

April 11, Wednesday

Sunrise photo-shoot will be in the wilderness of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument.  After breakfast we pack and return on the road, heading to Page, AZ.

In the afternoon Navajo guide will take us to Canyon X. At the end of the day some of you may choose to fly over Lake Powell in a helicopter/ airplane. The rest of the group will photograph sunset at the famous Horseshoe Bend above of the Colorado River.

Night: Page, AZ (hotel)

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 6

April 12, Thursday

Today we will have several options for a sunrise photo-shoot: Horseshoe Bend for those who didn’t shoot it the night before, aerial views of Lake Powell, or rest in the hotel.

After breakfast our group will return to the remote corners of Navajo Land.

Sunset location: Eggshell Arch.

Night: Cameron, AZ (hotel)

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 7

April 13, Friday

Sunrise and sunset photo-shoot will take place on the edge of Grand Canyon.

We will spend following days in the wilderness of Navajo Land, starting from Secret Bend of Colorado River that is just as stunning as famous Horseshoe Bend.

Night: camping

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography


Day 8

April 14, Saturday

After shooting sunrise over the Grand Canyon and having breakfast at the camp, we head to the other side of the Navajo Land to see colorful rocks, canyons, and arches. In the evening, a quick 2-mile hike will bring us to our sunset location, Needle’s Eye Arch.

Night: camping

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 9

April 15, Sunday

Our sunrise location is about 2 miles away from our camping: the Duck Rocks at the edge of the canyon.

After breakfast, we pack our camp and return to “civilization” heading towards Sedona, AZ. In the evening we will shoot reflections of the Cathedral Rock in the Oak Creek near Sedona.

Night: Seligman, AZ (hotel)

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 10

April 16, Monday

Early in the morning we’ll drive to the Havasupai Indian Reservation, AZ. Weather permitting, we will take a helicopter down to Supai village, or we’ll have to hike 8 miles down the canyon, plus 2 miles from the village to the campground.

Having rested in our camp, we will take a walk down to Havasu Falls to take pictures and study the location.

Night: camping

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography


Day  11

April 17, Tuesday

Sunrise at the Havasu Falls, shooting from the other bank of the river. After breakfast we will start our photo adventure down the river (about 4 miles one way). First we will shoot Mooney Falls, a breathtaking waterfall of about 200 ft. in height, then Beaver Falls and other natural wonders such as dozens of rapids, creeks, small waterfalls, and ponds surrounded by lush green foliage.

Beaver Falls is also a great place for swimming, so we can take a nice deep in the blue water of Havasu River before returning to Mooney Falls to catch an evening light.

Night: camping

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography


Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 12

April 18, Wednesday

Today we will shoot sunrise and sunset at the Navajo Falls located by the Supai village.

And during a day we will take one more trip down the river, photographing light and reflections.

Night: camping

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography

Day 13

April 19, Thursday

Today will probably be the most action-packed day of our photo trip. Waking up long before sunrise, we will have to pack our camp, cook and eat our breakfast, and then take our belongings up to the campground entrance where we can shoot sunrise at Havasu Falls one more time.

After shooting Havasu Falls in the morning light, we will mount horses, letting mules carry our stuff, and head out of the canyon back to the parking lot. The horseback ride usually takes 3 to 4 hours, so we will have enough time to enjoy mid-day canyon views.

As soon as we are out of the canyon, we will head towards Las Vegas, NV wrapping up our nature photography trip.

Iternarary — Alex Mironyuk Photography