Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography
Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography

 Our pets are an extension of our families. The bonds we create with these animals are unlike any other. With our furry friends we laugh more, love more, and all in all enjoy our lives more. They provide us with an unmatched joy and we do our best to repay them through the care we provide. We make sure they are as happy and healthy as they can be! Each pet is unique in their persona and character. What better way to honor them then through beautiful artistic portraits that encapsulate who these animals are and the relationship we share with them! 

My goal as a pet portrait photographer is to capture the personality and uniqueness of your pet in a beautiful portrait.

Growing up I had a variety of dogs ranging from Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, and mutts. They all played very important roles in my childhood each having their own unique quirks that I only wish I had captured in a portrait that I could gaze upon today. I am fortunate enough to have several of my now Golden Retriever, who absolutely ADORES water. Those portraits of her at the beach bring a smile to my face every day. I want to be able to provide that joy to people who have pets so that they could have those moments captured and remembered forever. 

I want you to think about who your furry companion is. What makes the, who they are? How do they bring joy into your life? I can guarantee that those feelings and attributes can be translated into an artistic portrait. 

Feel free to give me a call if you are interested in a pet portrait. I would love to help bring joy to your life for years to come with images of your beloved pets.

Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography
Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography


Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography

In this digital era images have a tendency to get buried under heaps of news alerts and status updates by the end of the day. They will sometimes pop-up on your feed as a “reminder from this time last year”. I want people to be able to physically hold a lovely print in their hands that they can look at every day. I had made a photo album for a client filled with portraits from an international trip some years ago. Over time we became good friends and in a recent visit I noticed that the photo album sits front-and-center on their coffee table in the living room. I asked if this was placed there simply because I was visiting, come to find out, that album sits there 365 days a year and is a focal point for guests! 

There truly is a difference in scrolling through the albums in a phone vs physically holding an album as you carefully turn each page. 

I am not going to hand you a link that will get lost in the heaps of emails we all receive in a day, never to be downloaded. 

We will begin creating your unique fine art from the moment we first meet all the way to you holding your high-end artistic product. 

How it works


Let’s get to know each other! You’ll come by my studio for your consultation. Feel free to bring your pets with you — I would like to meet him or her in person and try to establish familiarity with your pet. This initial meet-up is very important so that your dog/cat can recognize me and subsequently trust me in our following session.

The consultation typically takes about 45 minutes, but can be a little shorter or longer depending on how many questions you may have for me! I want to get to know you and your pet. During this meeting we will create a concept for our photo session. This encounter will be all about you and your pet so that our session and your portraits are perfectly tailored to you!

At this consultation you will be given the opportunity to get your hands on some samples of the heirloom quality albums and exquisite wall art I offer. You will get an idea for an overall price and what printing medium and size best suits you. 

Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography
Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography
Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography
Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography


Our photo session will typically take 1 to 2 hours. They are designed to best convey your story and capture unforgettable and unique moments with your beloved pets. Our photos will show the joy and bond that is uniquely yours and your pets.

If you have more than one pet, bring them all! 

No need to worry if your pet doesn’t sit still. We are passionate about animals, gently and patiently working with your dog/cat to get the desired result.

If you want all of your pets (number is no issue) to look straight into the camera — we can do that too!

We want to capture the emotion and and character of your pet in their purest form. A key player in achieving those high-end results is lighting! Naturally, lighting and shadows change depending on the time of day and location. To ensure consistent results we always bring additional lightning equipment along with our camera gear and props. To keep the session running smoothly and efficiently on location, I always bring an assistant with me.

Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography


A week or two after your photo session you’ll come back to the studio for your in-person ordering session. I will guide you through the ordering process, helping you decide what mediums and sizes will be suit your needs. This appointment typically lasts 1 ½ hours.

To be best prepared for your ordering session, it’s good to have an idea of the spaces you’d like to fill in your home with these portraits. I ask that you take measurements and photos of those spaces as well as bringing a list of friends and family that will be receiving prints to help our appointment go seamlessly.

4-6 weeks after your ordering session, your custom wall art and heirloom will be ready for pick up at the studio!

Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography


Studio  Session Fee: $250 | Session Fee to take pictures at your home or for any outdoor location: $350

A session fee is a flat rate fee that covers the expenses and services of the photography session. This fee does not cover any wall arts, prints or heirloom pieces.

Artistic photography sessions involve a lot of preparation and planning. There are consultation sessions both before and after the photoshoot. In other words, the session fee is the fee that makes the photography session possible. Ninety percent of what makes a photograph spectacular is the prep before the camera ever gets picked up. This includes but is not limited to the customization, creativity and planning. The session fee is subject to increase dependent on extra props that will be needed and covers the expense of a lighting assistant. This session fee will ensure a unique and intimate experience for each client. 

What you are not paying for is the deliverables themselves — the prints, albums, wall art, and all other heirlooms (please ask for the price list).

After the the photoshoot, you will be able to view your images and decide what you would like to order. You may choose from beautiful mounted prints, framed wall art, canvas wall art, folio boxes, albums, and many more. The amount you choose to invest is completely up to you — you only buy what you love! Most families invest between $1000 and $5000 on their favorite artwork to display and enjoy in their home. 

Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography
Pet Photography. Alex Mironyuk Photography

  To schedule your free complimentary consultation send me a message, or simply call me at (386) 627-1449